Why Organic

What is the importance of going organic?

Organic is a term often used to describe how agricultural products and farm animals and their products are grown and processed. The word ‘organic’ is given to those products grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or GMO’s. The livestock’s said to be raised in an organic manner are those which have been raised in conditions that accommodate their natural behaviours such as their ability to graze on pastures and eat organic feed and forage. 

Organically grown livestock are naturally grown without feeding antibiotics, growth hormones, and any other animal by products. Those animals which have been grown by giving hormone- and GMO free feed are the truly organically grown livestock’s. The disease for these organically grown animals are prevented with natural methods like clean housing, healthy diet and rotational grazing. These organically grown animals have plenty of access to outdoors.

Taking those foods that have been grown or processed organically contains the most beneficial nutrients when compared to their conventionally grown counterparts. Organic foods have a much positive impact on a person’s mental and emotional health. People who often find having certain allergies to foods, chemicals or preservatives find their symptoms alleviated while eating only organic foods.

Why should I go for organic produce?

The main reason why people go for organic foods and produce is that first and foremost, they use naturally-derived pesticides and are used in very low amounts when compared to conventionally grown produce that use synthetic pesticides. Pesticides are often made of chemicals like synthetic fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, which remain on the foods that we eat no matter how thoroughly we wash them. These chemical residues can cause potential harm to humans, as they are stored in your intestines for long times and act as a slow poison. They are known to cause impending damage to our nervous system, reproductive system and endocrine system.

Organically raised animals are another reason why people go for organic produce. Organic livestock farming has revolutionized farming in a drastic way where the organic livestock grown are fed natural organic feed. The livestock’s waste products like faecal matter are in turn used as natural manure and pesticides. The produce obtained from animals grown organically are rich in nutrients and provide more benefits when compared to those animals that have been fed GMO and hormone enriched foods.

Furthermore, feeding animal by-products to livestock’s increases the risk of diseases like mad cow disease. Feeding them antibiotics regularly also increases the chances of creating anti-biotic resistant bacterial strains.

Lastly, the most influential reason why people go for organically grown and processed foods is that organic farming practice reduces pollution and soil erosion while increasing its soil fertility. Farming done organically eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides. Moreover, the milk and meat obtained from livestock grown by feeing organic feed are rich in nutrients like Potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, D, E and also omega-3 fatty acids.

Benefits of choosing organic grown and processed foods


Organically grown foods are free from pesticides, herbicides and insecticides making them chemical-free. Usually the use of pesticides averaged to per person every year on farm lands equals to about nearly 7kgs. Studies have reported that many of the chemicals used in these pesticides have not been tested for their safety and are deemed the most dangerous and toxic in the planet.

Improved Nutritional value

Organically grown foods have more micro and macronutrients along with enriched vitamin, mineral and enzyme contents. Numerous studies have been conducted that have compared organically grown vegetables, fruits and grains against conventionally grown ones and found that organically grown produce contained significantly more amount of nutrients.

Fresher and better taste

Organically grown and processed foods like vegetables, fruits, diary and eggs taste better and rich because of they are well nourished.

GE and GMO free

Genetically engineered (GE) food and those products which have been modified using genetically modified organisms (GMO) are to be avoided. These foods are ones which have been engineered by altering their DNA, this in itself makes them an anomaly. Organic products are free from GE and GMOs and are those which have been produced naturally, who’s certain varieties have been produced by traditional cross-breeding techniques.

Antibiotic and hormone free livestock products

Livestock products from animals grown through conventional methods have the highest risk of contamination of harmful substances like growth inducing hormones and GMOs foods. The meat of these livestock have more amounts of pesticides which in turn gets transferred to us when we consume them in the form of meat and dairy products. Consuming organically grown livestock products is highly beneficial for us, as they do not have antibiotics, drugs and growth hormones injected into them. One of the most important way this is beneficial to us is that the produce we obtain from them is highly pure and natural. Going for the products obtained from organically grown animals is very safe for children, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Highly environmentally friendly

Organic farming helps preserve our eco-system by helping us keep our farm land healthy and nutrient rich. It helps reduce pollution, prevent soil erosion and protect the soil and water. When we use chemicals in the form of pesticides and herbicides during conventional farming we are increasing the toxicity of our soils which also goes to contaminate our ground water sources, this has an adverse effect on our biodiversity. Hence it is also safe to opt for organic farming which makes use of naturally derived manures for growing the produce.