Why is A2 Milk the best choice?

Why is A2 Milk the best choice?

Milk is considered an important wholesome diet that contains all the required nutrients and essential amino acids. It is a cultural practice in India since ancient times to drink milk and every individual household housed a cow to procure fresh milk. In the recent, however there has been a shift in our milk consumption because of the various options of milk available today. The most wide spread being A1 and A2 milk.

Difference between A1 and A2 milk

The main difference between A1 and A2 milk is that A2 is considered the healthier one. They are mainly classified into the two variants based on the beta casein protein found in them. The A1 type of beta casein rich milk is called A1 milk and the A2 type beta casein rich milk is called A2 milk. Another prominent difference between these two is that A1 milk is obtained from cows like Holstein Friesian, Jersey, etc. which are of western origin. On the other hand A2 milk is gotten from cows of Indian origin like Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Kankrej, Thar Parkar, etc.

Why is A1 milk harmful?

When we breakdown the beta casein found in A1 milk, we’ll find that it breaks down into Histidine and beta-casomorphine-7. Histidine in itself is an allergen and BCM-7 (beta-casomorphine-7) which affects the CNS. It is said to cause neuro disorders like cognitive disorders that affect ones learning abilities and worsen the symptoms of autism.  Giving kids A1 milk is risky as the children are prone to develop allergic dermatitis. Allergic rhinitis, cough and asthma. It also leads to the increase in long-term risks like obesity and diabetes. Many people who claim to be lactose intolerant are just intolerant to the chemicals in A1 milk.

A very important reason why the A1 milk is harmful is because of the cows that produce. The cows that produce A1 milk are mostly genetically mutated to give higher yield of milk per day. They are regularly given antibiotics, hormone injections and GMOs. They have a very low nutrition and have no hump.

Why go for A2 milk and its related products.

The A2 cows naturally produce 3 to 9 litres of milk per day. They have cerebrosides and strontium which enhances the brain power and body’s immunity. They have omega-3 fatty acids which help clean up cholesterol deposits. A2 cows all have a hump on them which contains a special vein that helps absorb vitamin D. Also, the A2 cows are grown naturally and without the use of injections, antibiotics and GMOs.


A2 milks have the following benefits


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